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Where’s Rose?

Homemade dress a part of home.

During the dry winter months, my children know where to find the hand lotion.

“Where’s Rose?” they will ask.

Rose is the name of a woman we’ve never met, but she made an adorable bottle dress that I keep draped over our family hand lotion. When the kids need moisturizer, they look for the dressed up bottle and call it “Rose.”

As someone who sews, I’ve become attached to the cover. I know how much time Rose put into choosing the fabric, cutting out the pattern and sewing everything in place. I also know the satisfaction and joy she felt when the project was complete.

Rose made the dress out of yellow calico material. She added lace around the edges and collar, two pleats in the middle and ribbon ties in the back.

Her finished product is homemade and a part of our home. Thanks Rose, wherever you are.



Wearing a Summer Sunset

SisterM has been busy making hand-knit cotton necklaces in various pleasing colors. One of my favorites is what she calls “Summer Sunset,” featuring shades of pink, purple, blue, teal, orange and green. The lightweight jewelry is a perfect accessory for day or night and is embellished with a blend of similarly colored glass beads. The necklace is perfect for an evening out, yet casual enough for everyday, and is a great gift for women or teens. The necklace includes a lobster claw clasp and has a length of about 21 inches. SisterM likes the contrast of the glass beads sparkling against the softness of the hand-knit cotton necklace.


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Attractive Sticky Notes

Sticky notes don't have to be dull.

Sticky notes are a necessity in my home. I want them where I can find them – on the desk, by the phone, in the kitchen. But I also want them look nice.

Spring colors brighten these sticky note pads.

Recently, I started using spring fabric to cover sticky notepads. I also covered some in black and white and music fabric. They make great gifts and fit nicely in Easter baskets. Browse our Etsy website for more gift ideas at http://www.etsy.com/shop/chatterboxbeach.