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During February, my mom, sisters, and I decided we would all make blankets.

We like to get together and work side by side, but because of scheduling conflicts, each of us worked on our own separate projects alone. Someone started knitting a blanket. Another chose a baby quilt project. I wanted to finish a picnic blanket that was almost complete but got stalled without material for the backing. Foiled in the progress, I started cutting up T-shirts to make a quilt to give my son in celebration of a special achievement.

All I needed were the T-shirt fronts, which featured logos and artwork from memorable places he has attended over the past few years. Most of the T-shirts were in good condition, so as I cut the shirts apart with my rotary cutter, I started stacking the plain backs of the clothes in one pile and the 12 fronts that I needed for the blanket in another.

While working on the project, I realized that I also wanted to do something nice for the fellow moms who have helped my son reach his achievement. They have encouraged and supported him and me for many years.

After positioning the T-shirt fronts, I returned to the leftover material. Admiring how the orange, brown, green and gray fabrics complemented each other, the idea came to me. I could make rose pins out of the discarded fabric and give them to the moms as a show of appreciation.

My niece showed ChatterboxBeach how to make the flower pins several years ago. We sat in my mother’s den cutting fabric from outgrown T-shirts and chatted away. At the end of the day, my niece gave me an orange flower to keep. I pinned the flower on a thin, black jacket that I have worn on many dressy occasions.

The flowers have other uses, too. They can be pinned to a wine bottle cover, placed in front of a picture frame, or added for decoration to a table setting.

rose pin

I got excited about making the roses for the moms and put the quilt on hold. Soon I was tracing patterns, cutting curves, and bringing out the hot glue.

Later in the day, one of my sisters sent an email that she had temporarily abandoned her blanket project to spend her Saturday making T-shirt roses for a client. I was thrilled. Once again, we ended up crafting together on similar projects, even though this time it wasn’t planned. She offered to make a few roses for the moms on my gift list, too. I love having sisters!

March has arrived, and we at ChatterboxBeach continue to work on our blankets. Hopefully, we will all finish soon and have a lovely show-and-tell when we get together to begin a new craft project in March.

–Caroline at ChatterboxBeach