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kite brush

No robin has dared to step on my snow-covered lawn to announce spring’s arrival yet, but someone else has had the courage.

ChatterboxBeach sold its first hand-painted beach brush of the season this week, which I’m taking as a sign that people’s thoughts are moving past the bitter chills of winter and into the warm air of springtime.

I see it in my own work. Recently, I completed a quilted art piece called “Eggplanet,” which explores a whimsical view of the beauty and darkness of outer space. But my new project addresses a “Garden Cottage” theme that includes watering cans and flowers.

Soon we will all be brushing the sand off our shoes and outdoor lawn and pool

chairs. We’ll be wearing short sleeves beach umbrella brush
again, grilling outdoors and taking evening walks in the expanded daylight. And as depicted on the sand brushes, we’ll be flying kites, wearing flip flops, bouncing beach balls and relaxing underneath umbrellas.

Most importantly by the end of March, we’ll finally be able to brush off winter and experience spring for a while.

I’m confident that the seasons are about to change, but it would be nice to see a robin to confirm.