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ChatterboxBeach has found a home not only on Etsy, but also in an adorable shop called The Orange Blossom Resale in Hampstead, NC. Our handmade crafts fit right at home among the many vendor booths that feature an eclectic array of home décor, jewelry and fashion items. Located in a strip mall on Highway 17, the store is a convenient drive from Jacksonville, Wilmington and the Crystal Coast and Southern beaches. We love to browse each time we add more items to our booth.
The chef hats, scarves, pillows and dishcloths that we sell on Etsy also are featured in the store. Additional items are also available at The Orange Blossom, include paintings, aprons, pocket books, cup cozies, knitted necklaces, wine bags and mini quilts. ChatterboxBeach hopes to add new products each week.
Let the store owner know your favorite ChatterboxBeach items so we can keep them in stock. Let us know what you are looking for, too. We enjoy tackling new projects together.
Contact us anytime at and stop by The Orange Blossom Resale at 14884 Highway 17, Hampstead NC 28443, (910) 821-1544.
Store hours are:
Tuesday through Saturday: 10 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Sunday: 1 to 4 p.m.
Monday: Closed


First Anniversay — Under Cover

This wine bottle cover adds elegance.

ChatterboxBeach is celebrating our 1st Anniversary throughout August!


For your anniversary celebrations, we have made a variety of bottle covers the fit nicely over wine and sparkling cider. They come in a variety of colors. Some are embellished with seashells.

Slip a happy anniversary note in this heart pocket.

Others don silk roses or heart pockets. Most are hand-knit. We also sell fabric covers.


As a bridesmaid or a friend, I like to give a couple whose wedding I attended a bottle of wine or sparkling cider on their first anniversary to let them know I am still happy for them and remember their wedding. A special wine bottle cover adds the extra touch and says “I’m thinking of you” on your first anniversary!


ChatterboxBeach wants to thank our customers for a great first year. We look forward to highlighting our paper gift products throughout the month.


To see more gifts available from ChatterboxBeach, visit

Enjoy browsing!