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Sometime "yes" is all you need to say on Valentine's Day.

Sometime “yes” is all you need to say.


When my sisters, mom and I were together for the holidays, we sat around the dining room table and took turns rattling off our New Year’s resolutions.

We each resolved to spend more time doing hobbies we enjoy: genealogy, writing, painting furniture and art.

Not one of us mentioned crafting, which was our number one resoution for 2012.

“Aren’t we going to continue crafting?” I asked, as my mother poured more coffee into our holiday mugs.

In unison, the answer was “YES.”

We no longer have to declare sewing and knitting as a resolution. They are a part of our daily lives and routines.

Not long after we left the table, my neice wanted to show us how to make a rose out of an old T-shirt. We sat together cutting flowers out of fabric and watching her go to work with her glue gun to produce beautiful rose pins. I wore mine. Someone else put hers on a wine bottle cover. Someone else set her rose against a pitcher for display.

The impromptu project was fun and inspiring. Afterwards, we had time to disperse. Two sisters went shopping in search of furniture to paint. My mom sketched something in a notebook. I sat down with my laptop and wrote an essay for writer’s group.

Later, we gathered again in the den.

“Can you pass me that magazine?” my sister asked my mom.

“Pass me one, too,” I said.

Once again we were thumbing through knitting magazines looking at patterns and searching for ideas.

LESSON ON WEEK 32: Crafting doesn’t have to be a full-time occupation.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What are some ways to combine crafting with other hobbies?

PROGRESS: Scrabble “YES” listed on Etsy for Valentine’s Day — or as a reminder to continue crafting.