I called my sister.

“I’m in a craft slump. What should I do?” I asked.

Since Hurricane Sandy hit the New Jersey shore, I’ve gotten way off center.

“Get busy!” she said.

I looked through my unfinished projects bin. But nothing interested me.

I called her back.

“Browse some magazines,” she said.

I went to buy bread and milk and added a magazine to my cart at the grocery store. Still, I felt slumpy.

I called my sister.

“Get some of those paint cards from the hardware store and start dreaming,” she said.

I went to the paint store and brought back sample cards in teals and greens. I scattered them on the living room coffee table and on the family room bookshelves and on the bedroom dressers. Nothing sparked.

“This is the last time I’m calling,” I said, as my sister answered her cell phone.

“Decorate,” she said.

That’s good, I thought. I went to the basement and brought up a box of holiday decorations. I started in the living room. The traditional red and green stuff in the box were not matching the teal and greens in my living room.

“How am I going to fix this?” I thought, feeling the slump starting to creep back.

But then I saw the paint cards. My greens didn’t match, but if I could just add a touch of the inbetween green, like on the card, this room could come together. I flipped through the magazine I had bought and found the article about how to make fabric flowers. I took the paint card to my fabric stash, found some inbetween teal and green fabric, and headed toward the sciessors and sewing machine.

Good-bye slump. I’m back to crafting!

LESSON ON WEEK 31: Sisters are a source of inspiration.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What other quick craft projects can I do to add sparkle to our home during the holidays?

PROGRESS: Fabric flowers are cut out.






One response to “CRAFT SLUMP

  1. Ah ha, I see you got the ball rolling!

    Little Sis…

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