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Where’s Rose?

Homemade dress a part of home.

During the dry winter months, my children know where to find the hand lotion.

“Where’s Rose?” they will ask.

Rose is the name of a woman we’ve never met, but she made an adorable bottle dress that I keep draped over our family hand lotion. When the kids need moisturizer, they look for the dressed up bottle and call it “Rose.”

As someone who sews, I’ve become attached to the cover. I know how much time Rose put into choosing the fabric, cutting out the pattern and sewing everything in place. I also know the satisfaction and joy she felt when the project was complete.

Rose made the dress out of yellow calico material. She added lace around the edges and collar, two pleats in the middle and ribbon ties in the back.

Her finished product is homemade and a part of our home. Thanks Rose, wherever you are.


Quilting Compass

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My newest project involves applique letters on a tablecloth, and I had lots of questions. Will cotton letters pucker on a polyester tablecloth? Do the letters need to be stabilized? Which shade of blue should I choose for the letters? … Continue reading


Valentines — Out-of-the-Box or Traditional

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Each year I hesitate before reaching for those store-bought valentines that come in a box for the school children and include an extra big card for the teacher. I hate forking out money for something that is going to go … Continue reading


Imagination at Work

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For the past few weeks, my kitchen table has become “Lenape Project Central.” My son has been making a diorama of an American Indian village for school. For us, school projects begin with a lot of procrastination, followed by a … Continue reading

Visualize. Organize.

I cross stitched my New Year's resolution and made a magnet to hang on my refrigerator.

If I want to adopt a resolution for 2012, the goal comes down to two words – visualize and organize.

“Visualize” opens all kinds of creative doors for crafters. We each see the world through our own eyes, so each item we make reflects what we see. We can all follow the same scarf pattern. But if we compare the finished products, they will each end up featuring different sizes, different colors and different flaws.

What I like about crafting is that each time I work on a project, ideas for the next project start flowing through my thoughts and fingertips. I don’t want to lose my passion for the next idea, which is why I am usually working on several projects at once.

This is where the “organize” resolution steps into my craft area. I have all kinds of tools – paper, scissors, fabric, beads; needles, yarn, pencils, patterns. They each need a place, so I can find them when I need them. Otherwise, my projects come to a standstill while I search through drawers and closets. Or even worse, I end up spending money on supplies I already own.

For 2012, I want to visualize and organize. The possibilities are vast.