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Wearing a Summer Sunset

SisterM has been busy making hand-knit cotton necklaces in various pleasing colors. One of my favorites is what she calls “Summer Sunset,” featuring shades of pink, purple, blue, teal, orange and green. The lightweight jewelry is a perfect accessory for day or night and is embellished with a blend of similarly colored glass beads. The necklace is perfect for an evening out, yet casual enough for everyday, and is a great gift for women or teens. The necklace includes a lobster claw clasp and has a length of about 21 inches. SisterM likes the contrast of the glass beads sparkling against the softness of the hand-knit cotton necklace.


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Whimsical Fish

Sometimes one whimsical addition to the room can make a big impact. When summertime arrives, I put a colorful fish pillow where no one expects to see it — on my bookshelf. It reminds me to enjoy my favorite season. SisterB keeps two fish pillows on her bed year-round. I also like to put a couple of fish pillows on the outdoor hammock. They are stylish and comfortable to rest on. But I always bring them inside at the threat of wet weather and at night. They are not made to withstand harsh conditions. Spot clean when needed.

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Cool Cozies

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When the weather gets hot, I keep a cool glass of sweet iced tea close by at all times. But as the ice cubes melt, the glass gets sweaty and slippery making it uncomfortable to hold.   My solution is … Continue reading

Treasured Notes of Art

Flowers in a Vase

At this time of year, I find myself signing lots of cards congratulating friends and family on their achievements. Some notes are for formal occasions such as graduations and first communions. Others are for achievements at school such as band concerts or drama performances. Recognition also goes out for birthdays and anniversaries.

Once in a while, my signature on a store-bought card is not enough. I want to write a letter marking the special occasion, hoping to say something that my loved one will treasure and keep.


For these events, I buy cards from local artists. I find them at craft shows, in gift shops and on I write a rough draft of my letter in a spiral notebook and then copy the words onto the card. In doing this, I give not only my heartfelt congratulations but also a work of art they can frame and treasure.

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