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Craft Advisory

We had a full house over Christmas and snow at the beach.

While the snowflakes swirled and the kids played with their new toys, my mom, sisters and I pulled out our knitting needles and began working on our individual projects – a scarf, a necklace, a dishcloth and a blanket.

“Small craft advisory!” my dad announced as he walked through the room.

We love his seaside humor.

This lap quilt was hand-knit in winter blue and seaweed green yarns.


A Holiday Memory

Part of our family’s Christmas tradition moved. For the past eight years during December, we have swung by a house in the back of the neighborhood to see all of their decorations. The yard was full of holiday joy. They … Continue reading


Stitching time

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One Christmas tradition that continues at our house is holiday crafting. My youngest son drew this Christmas tree, and I turned the design into a pillow.


Tractor lights

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One of our favorite sightings this year was a decorated tractor driven by a snowman. We saw it on our way home from a local nursing home where my son played his violin and a church choir performed Christmas carols.

The gift of words


Good tidings on the tree

One game our family likes to play in the evenings at the beach is the board game Scrabble. Finding words in those smooth tiles is like opening a present.

Sometimes, the gift is just what you wanted – a seven letter word that fits perfectly on the red “triple word score” square.

Other times, your wooden slide holds seven vowels, and the word “to” fits nicely like a tiny stocking stuffer.

This year, my SisterB has turned our love of Scrabble into lasting ornaments. Adorned in bright colors and with polka dots and ribbon, the ornaments spell out several holiday words.

Some are whimsical, like the one that is painted green and spells “Grinch.” Others give spiritual messages such as “Christ” and “Joy.” Two of my favorites simply say, “Ho Ho Ho” and “Elf.”


SisterB gets the high score this Christmas for delightfully arranging her letter tiles.

Whimsical greeting



Spelling it out for Mama

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Yesterday, the wind chills were freezing my holiday spirit. In an effort to warm things up, I asked my 8-year-old son if he wanted to play a game of Scrabble. “We can play Holiday Scrabble,” I said. “We can use … Continue reading

Sea shells on the cozies


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Wine gift — got it covered

Every year during the holidays, my husband and I get invited to a last-minute get-together or dinner party and scramble to find a thoughtful gift to take to the hostess.

Usually, we prefer to take a bottle of our favorite wine. I like to present St. Nick wine during Christmas. My husband also selects his favorite red wines for these occasions. Often we choose a bottle from a local winery.

We think we have it all figured out, and then right before it’s time to leave for the party I realize I don’t have anything to wrap the wine in to present it to the hostess. I start looking around the house for wrapping that doesn’t look like we just left the liquor store.

With time constraints, I usually grab a decorative gift bag someone gave us when we hosted our previous dinner party. This provides a solution, but also the awkward chance that I might be re-gifting the bag to someone who gave me the same bag a few weeks ago.

In addition, most of the time the color is wrong. Who wants to receive wine in a Halloween black-and-orange package at Christmas time?

This year I have solved the problem by sewing and knitting a variety of wine bottle covers.

I got inspired after I was invited to my neighbor’s house for dessert. A bottle of wine on her bar caught my attention. It was displayed in a decorative fabric bag I had made and given to her months ago! It felt good to know that the gift was practical, attractive, appreciated and actually being used.

Coming up with new designs is a lot of fun.

Most of the knitted covers are made with 100 percent acrylic yarn. I use sea shells as embellishments on some and knitted designs or a rose pin to decorate others. The covers come in different sizes and in complementary colors, so the bottles look nice displayed together.

The fabric covers come without embellishments but boast a variety of colorful and pleasing designs.

For a special touch this Christmas, my mom made cute Santa apron covers for her wine bottles. The whimsical covers also are a perfect presentation for gifts of sparkling cider, dish soap, olive oil or whatever bottle you would like to dress up during the holidays.

My New Year’s resolution is to keep a small stash of wine bottle covers in a basket in my pantry. When a party invitation arrives, I can quickly dress up my hostess gift and then concentrate on what I’m going to wear.

Wine designs

This knitted nativity project sparked a love of crafting that continues.